Box & Junior Box Tenants are Back-Filling Space

This article is simply a pragmatic view of the vacancies in the retail world, who’s failing, and who is backfilling those empty spaces.  Some very good basic statistics are provided, including a chart which concurrently shows, space supply, demand and...

Top Brands of 2012

Interbrand has released its top brands of 2012.  5 out of the top 10 are anchors. The link below will allow you to download the full report.  Check it out…Interbrand Report

Is Home Depot’s Stock Cheap?

The Motley Fool helps us to analyze Home Depot and how it stacks up to its competition and other big boxes over the past five years and the coming five years using growth, P/E Ratio, EV/FCF Ratio, Net Income Margin, and Cash Flow Margin.  The Motley Fool

Home Depot’s Free Cash Flow (FCF)

Back when the economy really started to change, I recall Home Depot being one of the first anchors to pull back on new store expansion, so I have kept somewhat of a watchful eye on them.  The article below is a very basic view into the Free Cash Flow (FCF) of the...