New York Times: Is American Retail at a Historic Tipping Point?
I enjoyed this article as it helps tell today’s retail story better than many of the articles I have read.  American retail is changing and evolving.  To many people, in the segments most affected, it may seem like the sky is falling.  However, on a larger scale, it isn’t.  Change in life is a constant and retail is experiencing it.  If retailers and industry participants who have not changed and evolved with the marketplace end up folding, is it the market’s fault or that of the retailer/participant?  With technology and instant access to information via the Internet, the rate of change in general has sped up exponentially.  It’s not just retail that’s changing so quickly, it’s the world.  Retail is just a small part of it.  So, for many who have been in the retail world for decades, today’s evolution seems like a cataclysmic shift.  Embrace this change.  Figure it out and then work with it.  There’s a silver lining filled with advantages.  You just have to work to uncover it.